Your Gift Changes Lives!

Victoria came to One SAFE Place badly beaten, the victim of years of physical abuse.  If she failed to meet the demands of her abuser, he threatened to beat the children.  Like many in her situation, she got the courage to leave in order to protect her son and daughter.  Her son, Daniel, was an active 8 year old who came into Residence angry and aggressive toward other children.  He was frequently in trouble at school for hitting classmates and copying his father’s bullying behavior.  He was labeled a “problem” child in the school system.  His sister, a beautiful 3 year old named Lily, was extremely quiet and withdrawn as a result of the trauma of ongoing domestic abuse.  Lily didn’t interact with other children and was diagnosed with developmental issues.


One SAFE Place provided Victoria and her children with emergency shelter, food, and clothing.  We put them through an exhaustive assessment process and placed them with the appropriate Case Management, Counseling, and Support Groups.  Victoria worked hard at rebuilding her self-confidence and feelings of self-worth, as well as that of her children.  After following through with the program for several months, building self-resiliency and life skills, she and her children were able to move into one of our Transitional Housing units.


Since moving into their new home, the children have thrived with new skills and a sense of safety.  Daniel has become a model student, and he was chosen as Student of the Month at the end of the last school year.  Lily has started to thrive through counseling and shows no signs of developmental issues.  Her misdiagnosis was a result of trauma and withdrawal.


Victoria and her children’s lives were changed because of compassionate donors like you.  They now have hope for a brighter future and the skills to create the life they never thought possible.


The gift you send today directly changes lives!  Children with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) have more challenges to overcome due to accumulated trauma.  For more information on ACES and One SAFE Place’s goals for building self-resiliency and providing trauma informed care and services to our clients and their children, visit