Jenna came to One SAFE Place badly beaten, the victim of years of physical abuse. If she failed to meet the demands of her abuser, he threatened to beat the children. Like many in her situation, she got the courage to leave in order to protect her son and daughter. Her son, an active 7 year old, came to our shelter angry and aggressive toward other children. He was always in trouble at school for hitting classmates and mimicking his father’s bullying behavior. He was already labeled a “problem” child in the school system. The daughter, a beautiful 6 month old, was extremely withdrawn as a result of the trauma and was developmentally delayed.

One SAFE Place provided Jenna and her children with emergency shelter, food, clothing, and counseling. We put them through an assessment process to help better understand their danger level and also determine steps necessary for self-sufficiency. She and her children participates in group education classes that helped them understand better how to set boundaries, how to regulate their own anger, and how to manage stress in healthy ways. We helped Jenna relocate to another community, where she worked hard to make a new home and find a job of her own. During this time, with counseling, she rebuilt her confidence and self-worth and that of her children as well.

Two years later Jenna contacted us again. She wanted us to know her son had just received an award for Outstanding Citizenship and kindness toward others! Her daughter was also thriving and showed no signs of developmental issues. Jenna’s life and the lives of her children were forever changed because of compassionate donors like you. Her children were given hope for a future they had no idea existed before, and Jenna was given the tools and support to create that future for them.

Jenna has also become part of VOICES at One SAFE Place; an advocacy group of survivors of abuse who use their reclaimed voices to share their stories publically in order to bring awareness throughout our community. As a member of VOICES, Jenna empowers others by sharing her experiences and showing others what it looks like to thrive.


For information on VOICES and other support groups, please contact us at 530-244-0117.