Spotlight on Volunteer Aly Evirs

This month’s volunteer spotlight is on Aly Evirs.  Aly has been a part of the One SAFE Place family for years. Owner of the Boheme Salon and Spa, Aly is a big part of the Shasta County community as well.  Her dedication and commitment show in her willingness to take on the important jobs of Court Accompaniment with clients and responding to Sexual Assault calls.


You may have seen Aly helping out with some of our events as well – decorating for the Speakeasy Soiree or checking in sponsors at the Crab Feed.  In 2014, she was one of our amazing contestants in Dancing with the Stars – Shasta County Style!


We are so proud to have Aly Evirs on our team!  She steps up wherever she sees a need.  Whether it’s donating for a client’s baby shower or making sure there’s something special for our Moms on Mother’s Day, Aly has a generous heart for those we serve. Read our interview with Aly below.

Question:  Where did you grow up?

Answer:  Just outside Milwaukee, WI on a small family farm.

Question: Do you have any siblings?

Answer: I’m the oldest.  I have a younger brother and sister.  I grew up with my sister but didn’t meet my brother until much later, as an adult.  I had lots of cousins I grew up with too!

Question: Where have you worked in the past?

Answer: I’ve been in the salon industry since I was 18.  My first job was working the front desk at a salon in Milwaukee.  Then I went to school to become an Aesthetician (skin care specialist) at 19.  I went on to teach aesthetics, in salons and cosmetology schools for years.  In 2005 I moved to Redding when i took a job as the West Coast Salon and Spa Specialists for the Aveda Corporation.  After having my daughter, I decided to open a salon in Redding in order to be home with my daughter and my second child on the way, my son.

Question: What are your hobbies?

Answer: I love music and going to concerts; I enjoy listening to Podcasts and audiobooks; I love going to movies with my family and spending time outdoors with my family.

Question: What brought you to volunteer at One SAFE Place?

Answer: Wanting to do more in my community and in particular support women and children in my community.  OSP is an amazing reosurce for women, men, and children who need the love and guidance of individuals who care, in order to leave most likely the most difficult situation they may ever face.  I have found my volunteer “calling” as a court advocate.  I find being a resource and friendly face to OSP clients going through the court system to be personally rewarding.

Question: What would you most want us to know about you?

Answer: I’m goofy and love to laugh.  I’m also very much a homebody and shy away from social situations.  I love to be a “behind the scenes person, but am always ready to help if needed.  I love my job and working at the salon. Besides my family, my salon team means everything to me!


If you would like to be a volunteer with One SAFE Place visit