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One Safe Place provides legal services, saftey, and emotional support to intimate partners, children, and seniors affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.

 Emergency Shelter

 Crisis Counseling

 Parenting & Relationship Education

 Support Groups

 Case Management

 Food & Clothing Assistance

 Legal Assistance

 Tribal Assistance

 Emergency Financial Assistance

 Prevention Education

 Community Outreach


Red Flag behavior for physical abuse

 Withholding of medication or over medicating

 Venereal diseases (STIs)

 Intense fear or reaction to certain people

 Extreme reaction to being cared for or bathed

Red Flag behavior for financial abuse

 Frequent expensive gifts from victim to abuser

 Victim’s personal belongings, papers, credit cards missing

 Victim unaware of financial circumstances

 Frequent checks made out to “cash”

Domestic violence

Domestic Violence is defined as any abuse between two people who are or were in an intimate relationship.

Warning Signs Include

 Extreme jealousy

 Sexual pressure

 ANY form of physical harm

 Isolation from friends and family

 Being told what to do or how to dress

 Put downs and intentional embarrassment, especially in        the presence of others

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