Domestic Violence 101- Get the facts about what domestic violence is, how to recognize it, and how to help.

Learn about various local resources, signs of abuse, and how to prevent violence in your community by requesting a FREE  training. Offered to all interested agencies, civic groups, businesses, and schools.

Domestic Violence is defined as any abuse between two people who are or were in an intimate relationship.

Warning Signs

    • Extreme jealousy
    • Relationship moving or progressing quickly
    • Isolation from friends and family
    • Put downs, criticism, and intentional embarrassment, especially in the presence of others
    • Being told what to do or how to dress
    • Sexual pressure
    • Calling or texting non-stop
    • ANY form of physical harm


OSP Power & Control, Cycle of Violence COMBINED

Safety Planning

A safety plan is a personalized, practical plan that can help you avoid dangerous situations and know the best way to react when in danger. If you are experiencing abuse or know someone who may be in an unhealthy relationship, use the following link to our One SAFE Place Safety Plan brochure resource:

One SAFE Place Safety Plan Brochure 2019

For a complete list of our community partners, visit our Partner Agencies page.

Stalking Help

Stalking is the intentional and repeatedly harassment by another person and can include credible threat, either expressed or implied, with the intent to place someone in reasonable fear of death or serious bodily harm.

One SAFE Place offers the following resources to help victims navigate the challenges of Stalking:

Stalking Incident Log Handout
Stalking Safety Plan Handout

Affirmative Consent

California is the first state to pass the “Yes Means Yes” legislation, redefining consent standards for high school and university campuses.

The following one-page handouts summarize recent legislation around consent:

SB 967 ‘Yes Means Yes’ University consent 1-pager
SB 695 HS consent 1-pager

And check out this One SAFE Place PowerPoint for even more information and resources!

YES MEANS YES Presentation

Purposeful Parenting

Parenting is a tough job! Support from our downloadable resources below can help make parenting a rewarding experience.

Family Fun Ideas
Childhood Trauma
Sustaining HOPE in Children
Teaching Assertiveness for Kids
Teaching Empathy for Kids
How To Talk To Your Kids About Bullying
Why Bully Prevention Matters for Domestic Violence
Bully Prevention

Want more information about One SAFE Place services or specialized education?

Our Education and Outreach Services Department is trained in the causes and prevention of all types of abuse. Staff are available to present to your staff, class, church, civic group, and more on the following topics:

      • Domestic Violence 101
      • Bystander Engagement
      • Mandated Reporting for Child & Elder Abuse
      • Human Trafficking Prevention
      • Teen Dating Violence
      • Healthy Relationships
      • Boundaries & Safe Touch
      • Bully Prevention
      • Campus Sexual Assault & Affirmative Consent
      • Safety Planning
      • Sexual Assault Response

All presentations, classes, and training opportunities are FREE of charge!

To schedule with us, call (530) 244-0117.