Remembering Mothers

An Advocate’s Story

My mother was my teacher, my cheerleader, and my protector.  I didn’t realize how much she shielded me from until I was much older.  As an Advocate at One SAFE Place, I frequently see mothers come through our doors who have gone to extraordinary lengths for the sake of their children.

Tracy is one of those women.  Isolated from friends and family by threats from her abuser, Tracy had no support network to turn to when she was badly beaten.  Her husband kept her from working outside the home and denied her access to their bank account.  Tracy stayed through increasing abuse “for the sake of the children.”  She put their welfare as her priority so that they had food, security, and a home to live in.  She always tried to shield them from what was happening.  When her husband’s violence escalated and he made threats toward the children, she knew they had to get out.  Like many domestic violence victims, she finally made the decision to leave in order to protect the children.  She and her children lived out of her car for three weeks before coming to One SAFE Place, constantly in fear and on the move.  Tracy brought her children into Residence to be safe and heal.  They all attended counseling and classes, and she got help with her job search.  Because of Tracy’s courage, she and her children now have a place of their own and a chance to rebuild their lives.

Ally was another inspiring woman that came to One SAFE Place.  She had a history of horrendous childhood abuse and domestic abuse in her marriage.  She stayed in her situation for a long time because her son was chronically ill and needed medical care.  She, too, left when the abuse escalated to the point of putting her child in danger.  As a client in Residence, she was the epitome of patience and love with her son.  Because of generous donations, we were able to transport her and her son to and from the Bay Area for necessary medical treatments.  Since then, she has successfully established a home for them and sees hope for the future.

Victims of domestic abuse struggle with the decision to leave because of fear, isolation, and a lack of access to funds, a car, or outside work.  They need a safe place for themselves and their children and the resources to build a new life.  Your generous donations truly change lives. 


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If you need help with a domestic violence situation, contact our Crisis Hotline 24/7 at 244-0117.