Board Development Committee


Board Development Committee:

The Board Development Committee ensures effective governance of the agency by recommending to the Board appropriate candidates to serve as directors of OSP. The Board Development Committee shall be composed of two or more Directors, who shall be appointed by the Board. The committee may request assistance from other Board Committees as it deems necessary.


The Board Development Committee responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

  1. Respecting the confidential nature of the committee’s deliberations,
  2. Periodically reviewing the composition, skills and qualifications of the members of the Board,
  3. Identifying, evaluating and recruiting candidates to fill any vacant or newly- created positions on the Board,
  4. Consulting broadly with members of the Board when considering candidates for nomination,
  5. Recommending to the full Board candidates to be nominated by the Board for election at the Annual Meeting; and
  6. Reviewing, re-assessing, and recommending on at least an annual basis, any proposed changes to the Board for approval.


In its process of identifying, evaluating and recruiting Board member candidates, the Board Development Committee shall consider the criteria, and follow the process to the extent applicable as set forth in OSP Board policy “Recruitment & Retention of Board Members.”


The Board Development Committee shall meet monthly from January to March, each year, and meet as needed thereafter.