Partner Agencies



On-Site Partners

Representatives from the following partnering agencies can be reached at One SAFE Place daily by calling
(530) 244-0117 or visiting the One SAFE Place Sierra Center at 2250 Benton Dr. in Redding, CA. They can also be reached at the information below:

Dunamis Center
748 N. Market St, Redding, CA 96001
Phone: (530) 338-0087

Family Dynamics Resource Center
Representatives: Holly
Address: 3657 Ricardo Ave, Redding, CA 96002
Phone: (530) 244-0117 ex 237
(530) 242-9007

Health and Human Services Agency- Adult Protective Services
shastacounty finalWebsite:
Address: 2640 Breslauer Way, Redding, CA
Phone: (530) 225-5798
(530) 229-8262 (24 hr hotline)

Northern California Anti-Trafficking Coalition (NCAT)
NCATLogo FinalWebsite:
Phone: (530) 244-0117 (local 24 hr hotline)
1-877-373-7888 (national 24 hr hotline)


Additional Community Partners

One SAFE Place works with the following partners regularly to ensure that our clients receive the services and support needed for justice and healing:

California Highway Patrol – Local Agencies
Dispatch Office Address: 2503 Cascade Blvd. Redding, CA 96003
Phone: (530) 242-3210 (non-emergency)
Northern Division Address: 2485 Sonoma St. Redding, CA 96001
Phone: (530) 242-4300 (non-emergency)
911 (for emergencies only)

Address: 2460 Athens Avenue Redding, CA  96001
Phone: (530) 246-7075

Far Northern Regional CenterFNRC Final
Address: 1900 Churn Creek Rd, Redding, CA
Phone: (530) 222-4791

Great Help Source
WhiteSquare FinalWebsite:
Phone (530) 209-5661
Representative: Rick Crowley

Health and Human Services Agency- Children Family Services (CFS)
shastacounty finalWebsite:
Address: 1313 Yuba St. Redding, CA
Phone: (530) 225-5144 (24 hr hotline)

Health and Human Services Agency- General
shastacounty finalWebsite:
Address: 2460 Breslauer Way Redding, CA
Phone: (530) 225-5029

Health and Human Services Agency- CalWORKS Eligibility
shastacounty finalRepresentative: Nicole Saber
Address: 1400 California St, Redding, CA 96001
Phone: (530) 245-7593

Health and Human Services Agency- Mental Health
shastacounty finalRepresentative: LeeAnne Recupero
Address: 2650 Breslauer Way Redding, CA
Phone: (530) 229-8313

Shasta County Crime Victims Assistance Center
shastacounty finalRepresentative: Robyn Reger
Address: 1355 West Street, Redding, CA
Phone: (530) 225-5220

Shasta County Housing and Community Action Program
shastacounty finalRepresentative: Maureen Finn
Address: 1450 Court Street, Ste. 108, Redding, CA
Phone: (530) 245-6437

Law Office of Carmel D’Amato
Address: 1308 Placer St, Redding, CA
Phone: (530) 243-0253

Law Office of Stacy K. Larson
Address: 1330 West Street, Suite 2C Redding, CA
Phone: (530) 768-1444

Legal Services of Northern CaliforniaLSNC Final
Address: 1370 West Street Redding, CA
Phone: (530) 241-3565

Local Indians for EducationLocalIndiansforEducationLogo Final
Address: 4440 Shasta Dam Blvd, Shasta Lake, CA
Phone: (530) 275-1513

Planned Parenthood                                                                                                                   PlannedParenthoodLogo Final
Address: 2935 Bechelli Lane, Ste. C, Redding, CA
Phone: (530) 351-7100

Redding Police Department
Website: www.reddingpolice.orgrpdlogo
Address: 777 Cypress Avenue Redding, CA
Phone: (530) 225-4200 (non-emergency)
911 (for emergencies only)

Redding Rancheria
Website: www.redding-rancheria.comReddingRancheria Final
Address: 2000 Redding Rancheria Rd, Redding, CA
Phone: (530) 225-8979

Shasta County Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council (CAPCC)
SCCAPCC FinalWebsite:
Address: 2280 Benton Dr. Bldg. C, Ste. A, Redding, CA
Phone: (530) 241-5816

Shasta County Sheriff’s Office
Address: 300 Park Marina Circle, Redding, CAshastacountysheriff-final
Phone: (530) 245-6054 (non-emergency)
911 (for emergencies only)

Shasta County Superior Court Family Law Facilitator’s Office
Address: 1500 Court St, Redding, CA
Phone: (530) 225-5890

Shasta County Veterans Servicesshastacounty final
Address: 1855 Shasta Street Redding, CA
Phone: (530) 225-5616

Visions of the Cross
visionsofthecross FinalRepresentative: Tianna Lucarelli
Address: 3648 El Portal Drive Redding, CA
Phone: (530) 722-1114