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How to Ask About Abuse

How to Ask About Abuse There’s a right and a wrong way to inquire if you’re concerned Have you ever gotten an “off” feeling about a friend’s, loved one’s or coworker’s partner? Maybe the significant other is short-tempered and you’ve watched them fly off the handle...

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This Is What Abuse Looks Like

Spotting the signs, red flags and warning signals of abuse could save your life Sometimes the hardest part about getting help when you’re with an abuser is recognizing that you’re with one to begin with. “Many survivors don’t realize they’re in an abusive situation....

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If You’re Being Stalked!

What to do to ensure your safety and make it stop Stalking can be a component of domestic violence, most often occurring after a survivor leaves an abusive partner. It’s another form of control by an abuser and can also be used as a way to intimidate a partner....

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Barriers to Leaving, Part 1

Law professor and DV survivor says there are at least 50 reasons a survivor may not be able to leave an abuser   Sarah Buel, JD, clinical professor of law at Arizona State University, has worked for more than 30 years with domestic violence survivors and their...

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How Social Stigma Silences Domestic Violence Victims

Why many domestic violence victims are reluctant to report Many domestic violence victims suffer in silence. Enduring a steady pattern of abuse and humiliation at home, they bravely attempt to present a solid exterior in public. Sometimes they pull it off; usually,...

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