Elder Abuse

If you or someone you know is a victim of elder abuse, call the One SAFE Place 24-hour Hotline at (530) 244-0117 or the Adult Protective Services Hotline at (530) 225-5798.


Types of Elder Abuse (65 years of age or older or dependent adults)

Physical- Hitting, kicking, pushing, slapping, burning, or force causing injury

Sexual- Engaging in sexual acts without consent

Emotional- Harming self-worth or emotional well-being, name-calling, and scaring.

Neglect- Failing to meet basic needs like food, housing, clothing, and medical care

Abandonment- Leaving elder alone or no longer providing care as needed

Financial- Illegally misusing an elder’s money, property, or assets




Red Flag Behaviors for Physical Elder Abuse:

  • Injuries such as: bruises, welts, broken bones, burns
  • Withholding of medication or over medicating
  • Untreated injuries/repeated injuries
  • Venereal diseases (STIs)
  • Intense fear or reaction to certain people
  • Mistrust of others
  • Extreme reaction to being cared for or bathed
  • Regressive or aggressive behaviors
  • Malnourished or seeming like they haven’t eaten
  • Not cared for, not bathed, or wearing dirty clothes


Signs of Possible Financial Abuse of Elders:

  • Frequent expensive gifts from victim to abuser
  • Victim’s personal belongings, papers, credit cards missing
  • Numerous unpaid bills
  • A recent will, when victim seems incapable of writing will
  • Abuser’s name added to bank account
  • Victim unaware of monthly income, or financial circumstances
  • Victim signs a loan
  • Frequent checks made out to “cash”
  • Unusual activity in bank account
  • Irregularities on tax return
  • Victim unaware of reason for appointment with banker or attorney
  • Abuser’s refusal to spend money on victim
  • Signatures on checks or legal documents that do not resemble victim’s signature