Child Abuse

For assistance with child abuse, call the One SAFE Place 24-hour Hotline at (530) 244-0117. To report suspected child abuse, call the Child and Family Services (CFS) Hotline at (530) 225-5144.


Child Abuse (17 years of age or younger)

Willful harming or injuring of a child or the endangering of the body or health of a child, including physical, sexual, or emotional harm or neglect.

child wheel


Red Flag Behaviors in Children Experiencing Abuse:

    • Hostility, aggression, or verbal abuse toward others
    • Attempts to hide injuries
    • Destruction of property
    • Self-harm
    • Fear of going home or of a specific caregiver
    • Socially withdrawn
    • Tired or lethargic
    • Frequent absence from school
    • Clingy, non-discriminate attachment to caring adults
    • Post-traumatic stress symptoms
    • Developmental delays
    • Dirty clothes
    • Poor hygiene or nutrition
    • Severe dental cavities

Resources to Help Children to Thrive:

40 Developmental Assets
Maslow’s Hierarchy
Child’s Safety Plan