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#ChangeTheCulture is a positive approach to making changes in our community for the benefit of everyone.

At One SAFE Place our mission is to provide intervention and safety to a community affected by domestic and sexual abuse.  We focus on the needs of victims who experience violence by providing emergency housing, crisis counseling, case management, transitional housing and more.  We emphasize support for the individual that leads to their growth toward safety and independence by partnering with other agencies.  We also make prevention our priority so that together we can end the cycle of generational violence.  Children who have been traumatized by family violence and sexual abuse (adverse childhood experiences, or ACES) can build self-resiliency and coping skills through trauma informed care.


#ChangeTheCulture – Media Campaign



Angela Jones, Executive Director – It’s not Just a Women’s Issue

“We, as women, need to come together to support one another no matter our politics.
We need to engage our men to speak up when other men put women down or treat them like objects. We need to teach our sons that the genders are equal from the start. And we need to shatter the glass ceiling for our daughters! Please join us in the conversation.”

With my experience as a past victim of domestic violence, then working with victims of domestic and sexual assault – both female and male – on a daily basis for 15 years, I understand how much courage it takes for an individual to speak up about their assault. Society tends to blame the victim and defend the accused. This attitude extends to accusations of sexual harassment in the workplace and beyond. Read full article


What Can I DO?



Join the conversation!

Check out our facebook album of pictures from the filming of our #ChangeTheCulture spot.

Take the pledge to be part of the change by uploading a video in support of #ChangeTheCulture to our facebook page.  Film yourself saying one of the positive statements from our commercial – the list can be accessed here




OSP Staff made their own #ChangeTheCulture video with an iphone.   Challenge a friend to do the same.






Take a look at page for Camp OSP

Support our Camp OSP program to help children traumatized by domestic and sexual abuse in our year-round program to build self-resiliency and stop the cycle of generational violence, emphasizing protective factors.

Protective Factors (The factors that help counter the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences, ACEs).  These factors are shown through research by the Center for the Study of Social policy to protect against child abuse and neglect, in addition to promoting optimal child development are:


ACEs and Trauma Informed Care

“Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) have a profound impact on our community and can result in mental illness and chronic health conditions later in life.” – Shasta Strengthening Families

The following series of videos from First 5 Shasta deals with different aspects of ACEs.


Oprah Winfrey’s story on 60 Minutes discusses Trauma Informed Care

















Practice Bystander Intervention.  Safe de-escalation of conflict can save lives.  Check out these videos on creative bystander intervention.


Ring the Bell

Potato Chip Guy





Be aware of the safety of those around you.  Unclear about what constitutes consent?  Watch this clever video that explains it – Tea and Consent.