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Most people tend to feel safer when they view domestic violence as something that happens to “someone else,” not to themselves or someone they love.  In reality, domestic violence is prevelant in our community and many families are dealing with it on a daily basis.  DV doesn’t discriminate by race, age, sexual orientation or socio-economic status.  Abuse can be verbal, psychological, financial, physical, or sexual.
Victims of abuse can be stronger than you can imagine, finding ways to cope with abuse, if not escape it, and often risking their lives to save other family members from the same fate.  However, victims will often spend years working to overcome the after effects of abuse.  Without intervention, two thirds of children who grow up witnessing domestic violence will grow up to be a victim or an abuser.  Together, we are working to change this, through counseling, protective factors and trauma informed care.
Domestic violence thrives when we are silent.  Please join with us throughout the month of October to raise awareness to end the cycle of domestic violence.
hings You Can Do:
  • Make a donation to support services
  • Volunteer
  • Wear purple to help raise awareness
  • Speak Out

Thank you for your compassion and your support of One SAFE Place programs and services.  And thank you for helping to change the lives of those we serve.  For more information on the effects of domestic violence and ways you can help those who suffer, please visit us at