Mailing address: PO Box 991060, Redding, CA 96099

  1. Your ongoing support ensures coverage on our 24 Hour Crisis Hotline, providing a life-line to victims in dangerous domestic violence relationships, compassionate support to a rape victim in the emergency room, and courtroom advocate accompaniment for a young woman afraid to confront her abuser alone.
  2. You sponsor children for Camp OSP.  Your donations allow children traumatized by domestic or sexual abuse to find hope for the future and learn skills for self-resiliency.
  3. You support education and prevention programs in local schools that promote healthy dating relationships and anti-bullying skills.
  4. You support emergency services at One SAFE Place so that victims of domestic and sexual abuse are able to be safe in Residence, take time to heal, attend support groups and couseling, look for a job, and successfully transition into their own housing.
  5. You donate food for needy families at holidays and throughout the year.  Children’s snacks feed those children waiting for a parent to complete the intake process for Residence or fill out paperwork for a restraining order.