Mailing address: PO Box 991060, Redding, CA 96099

Cassie Rabe volunteers in many capacities – data entry, childcare for clients in Residence, organizing donations. Her positive attitude and willingness to pitch in and “get it done” make her an asset and a joy to be around.

This is Cassie’s story and why, in her words, she volunteers at One SAFE Place.

“I have family all over the country, and I’ve lived on both coasts. My half-sister, Cara, and half-brother, Cole, live in Southern California, but I grew up the only child of my wonderful mother, Callie, in Humboldt County. She has been a tremendous influence and continues to teach me, by example, how to be a strong, proactive, flexible, outspoken, compassionate, resilient, independent woman.

I have had dozens of jobs over the years, including ranch hand, nanny, caregiver, receptionist, camp counselor, personal assistant, and manual laborer.  I’ve also worked in just about every position in the restaurant industry.

When I moved to Redding, I was looking for a way to get involved in the community and One SAFE Place stood out to me as an organization whose work I could wholeheartedly stand behind.  I believe in all that OSP stands for and provides Shasta County and society at large.  I’m grateful to be a part of it.

Most of my time is spent either in class, doing homework, or volunteering at OSP.  This semester I’m also doing an internship helping to organize a Gender Equity Conference at Shasta Community College.  In my free time I can be found road tripping, at a rally/protest, or binging on Netflix.

In the fall I plan to start CSU Chico’s Multicultural and Gender Studies Bachelor’s program with a Women Studies option.  My goal is to be a human rights activist, focusing on intersectionality within the scope of women’s rights.

What I would like you to know is how much of a pleasure it has been being involved with OSP.  Taking the Advocacy class really inspired me, and that feeling has continued throughout my experiences.  Be it interacting with clients and doing childcare, working in the business office, or helping out at the Crab Feed, I have truly enjoyed myself.”