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When Partnership HealthPlan of California (PHC) CEO Liz Gibboney and Northern Region Director of Health Services Carly Fronefield toured One SAFE Place in October, the learned few Halloween donations had been received.  PHCs Northern Region Team was moved to help.  After a fund-raising pumpkin sale, pumpkins which Carley had grown herself, PHC staff delivered 30 pumpkins, costumes, and candy to OSP.

“The donation was a welcome surprise for OSP residents who often worry about being able to provide ‘normal’ holiday experience for their children,” Jones said.  “When the children saw the costumes, candy and pumpkins, they laughed and cheered with excitement.”

On Monday, the children trick-or-treated at the Sierra Center and enjoyed a Halloween carnival.

In September, as part of its Strategic Use of Reserves program, PHC disbursed $75,000 to OSP to help support on-site couselors who provide mild-to-moderate mental health services.  One SAFE Place is grateful to PHC for their support!

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