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A domestic violence shelter in Redding has reported a dramatic increase in the number of clients they’ve served since last year.

One Safe Place’s Sierra Center provides a number of services and support to anyone affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.

And even though it’s only been open about eight months, they say the number of people they’ve served is astonishing for a community this size.

“Shasta County, it has one of the highest rates of domestic violence and sexual assault in the state of California,” One Safe Place executive director Jean King said.

The services they provide are crucial to helping individuals escape the cycle of domestic abuse, King said.

“Poverty, education, drugs, divorce, incarceration are a lot of the issues that lead to domestic violence, especially drugs and alcohol,” she said. “So we have quite a problem here.”

Since opening the Sierra Center, one safe place has gone from helping an average of 11 to 12 people a month to about 40 or 45.

“So we’ve doubled, over doubled, the number of people staying with us,” King said. “Part of that’s capacity, and part of that is the nature of what our services provide.”

She says the increase is also due to being able to provide most of those services under one roof.

And the average amount of time spent in the shelter has also increased.

“We know that it takes 30 to 60 days for someone to really make a change,” King said. “So by knowing that they’re now staying up to 35 days, we know that statistically they’re getting the help they need to go on.”

King said those increased numbers have already translated into more funding so they can better serve the community.

She says it goes to show that what they’re doing has been successful.

“It’s working,” she said. “It makes a difference. When you have healthier kids and healthier families, Redding’s a better place. It’s a great place, but if people aren’t healthy here, then it’s not a great place.”

Anyone needing help escaping domestic violence can call One Safe Place’s 24 hour crisis line at 244-0117, visit their website or drop by their office at 2250 Benton Drive in Redding.

No appointment is necessary.


by Mario Montalvo