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Girl in a box

RED BLUFF, Calif. – In 1977 Colleen Stan was abducted while hitchhiking, then was locked in a wooden box, raped and tortured for the next seven years.

Stan became known as the “girl in the box” and now her story is the subject of a Lifetime movie titled “Girl in the Box”.

“I have seen the trailers and I think they are pretty scary actually,” she said.

“What was actually going on was probably scarier than the trailers but it’s an accurate portrayal,” Stan explained.

Stan said she spent three days with the writers of the movie giving them every little detail she could remember, from threats made by Cameron Hooker, her abductor, made to having to sign a slave contract.

“It was upsetting at times. Sometimes I was crying just recounting everything that I’ve gone through,” Stan noted.

Stan was able to meet the actors at a filming, even the man playing her abductor.

“I felt sorry for him that he had to play this evil guy, you know,” she said.

Part of the reason Stan agreed to help with this movies was to get her story out there.

“I just hope people are blessed by my story, that they will be encouraged that that it’s a story of survival and hope,” she noted.

She wants her story to help those who have dealt with traumatic situations.

“I’m in hopes that my story will help other people that maybe have experienced traumatic things in their lives to be able to carry on and know that there is life after,” Stan explained.

‘Girl in the Box’ will air on Lifetime at 8 p.m. on Saturday. The movie will be followed by a documentary about Stan.


Posted: Sep 07, 2016 06:16 PM PDT