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The One SAFE Place Sierra Center is home to the newest sculpture by local artist John Martin Streeby. A tribute to Sandy, Shelby, and Shasta Miller of Shingletown, who were victims of a domestic violence homicide in May of 2013, this steel sculpture can be viewed as visitors enter the main parking lot at 2250 Benton Dr. in Redding.

“My wife and I kept riding our bikes by the new building during construction and thought it would be a good place for a sculpture,” said Streeby.

After the initial idea, Streeby literally took matters into his own hands, designing several models to share with Jean King, Executive Director for One SAFE Place.

“I had one I liked most and pushed that one to the front. It was titled ‘Escaping the Curve.’ The whole idea was people escaping their background, their abuse, and making a new normal,” added Streeby.

That is, in fact, the piece that now resides outside the new One SAFE Place location. Formed from a ¾ inch thick flat bar of mild steel and using a grinder finish, the piece took nearly 5 months to complete.

“When I look at this sculpture, it represents both new beginnings and reaching new heights, all through our supportive embrace,” said King, adding, “After the tragic deaths of Sandy, Shelby, and Shasta, we wanted to create a safer place for victims of relationship and family violence to come for help and we are so thankful to John for creating a piece that represents that goal.”

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“Escaping the Curve” – Artist John Martin Streeby